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"Architect On Call"
"Architect On Call"
"Architect On Call"
"Architect On Call"
"Architect On Call"
"Architect On Call"
"Architect On Call"
"Architect On Call"
"Architect On Call"
"Architect On Call"

"Architect On Call"


What if you could brainstorm with a licensed, professional architect with years of home design experience - with no strings attached?

Now, you can.

Over the years, we've noticed that the biggest obstacle for many homeowners is simply not understanding the process. Design, budget, permitting, construction, schedules... it can be overwhelming!

We understand and we can help.

Sign up for a 1-hour video chat (Zoom or Meet) consultation & design session. We'll offer sound professional guidance and do our best to answer all your questions.

But this is more than a consult.

During the call, we'll sketch in real-time as we discuss your space-planning and design goals. For an added price, we'll follow up with a nicely-formatted sketch to memorialize our conversation. (For more advanced drawings, you can also try our "Premium" services.)



Step 1) Gather your floor plans and pictures.

  • Sometimes this is as easy as pointing us to your home's listing on Redfin or Zillow

  • If not, you can measure it out yourself or try an app like MagicPlan or HomeDepotMeasures. (A video of your space is always helpful, though not required.)

  • For new home construction, simply gather some pictures or plans of houses similar to your goals or aspirations.

Step 2) Reserve your place.

  • Select a date for our video call. We typically use Zoom or Meet.

  • Flat-fee pricing, so this is a "first-come, first-served" offer. Price is subject to change without notice.

    Step 3) Let's do this!

    • During our chat, we'll sketch design solutions in real-time.

    • We'll discuss your goals, constraints, budget, as well as permitting, bidding & construction.

    We’ll send sketch designs right to your inbox. Easy Peasy!

    Some customers like to use FaceTime or WhatsApp for in-field design questions, and that's perfectly fine too.

    Please note, this service is limited in nature. As architects we're not qualified to offer legal advice or engineering. We can lend our design eye, broad experience, and industry know-how to help you navigate the basics. Unfortunately we can't offer structural, jurisdictional, or contractual questions outside of a full-scope architectural contract. Sketch drawings are always approximate and must be verified in the field.


    Premium-level designs include:

    • Detailed drawings including floor plans or interior or exterior wall elevations (CAD-precise drawings with notes and dimensions).
    • 3D views of our design, which may be aerial bird's-eye views or on the ground eye-level perspectives. Whatever is best to convey the design.
    • Inspiration images and additional sketches that may be used as needed to further refine your designs.
    • Premium plans are great for GC-pricing, cabinet planning, etc. Please note that they should not be considered full construction/permitting drawings. (We'd be happy to give you an estimate for those added services.) 

     Payment schedule:

    • 1/2 Deposit to start. Full Money Back Guarantee: If you don't like our sketches, your money back. That's how confident we are in our designers.
    • 1/2 Final payment due after your approval of sketch designs.
    • Buy now! Our prices are subject to change according to demand.

    For 1/2 payments, make sure to use discount code "PREMIUM" at checkout.

    [Note: If you’ve already gotten started with one of our other packages, we will discount that cost from the prices above.]

    Project Work Area:

    We charge according to the size of your project. For pricing purposes, the area of your project will include the following:

    • Interior floor area affected (renovated, added, or modified)
    • Area of unenclosed areas affected (decks, porches, pools, carports, or similar)
    • [We do not charge for areas that are not modified or renovated.]

    Sometimes the area of the project changes during the course of design. No problem! We’ll settle up at the final payment.