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Flipsketch is a passion project backed up by the full-service architecture firm CACAO studio founded by Joe Harris and JoseMi Jauregui. 

Joe was chatting with his son one day about food trucks, when the light-bulb went off…

Why should it be so hard for the average homeowner to find an architect?


We’re a small team of professional architects. Over more than 20 years, we’ve designed hundreds of new houses, apartments, offices and retail spaces. As licensed, practicing architects we always wondered if there were a better way to offer our design services to a broader audience. We found it.

Our goal at Flipsketch is to remove the mystique, and the ego, from the delivery of architectural services – and to simply create beautiful places and tangible value for our customers. We want to remove the barriers between architects and our clientele, and provide our professional level of design to as many people as possible.


We’d like to make architectural design like any other online transaction: Cut out the endless meetings and unnecessary steps. Get to the point. Bring services to our clients’ fingertips. Offer no-nonsense, customized design for everyday people at a cut-rate price. Work quickly, but with the same level of professional care and expertise you can expect from any licensed architect.

We’re not your average do-it-yourself app. You’ll receive thoughtful sketches from experienced architects, not one-size-fits-all computer-generated designs.